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    kids playing playstation 4

    Sony’s PlayStation 4 has a lot to offer that will appeal to serious gamers, but is it going to be as much of a winner with kids? Sure, there are kids’ games for the PS4 but is that shouldn’t be the only reason to get one. There are a lot of reasons that you may want to consider buying this home entertainment system for your children. It may not have the bells and whistle controllers that other systems have to offer, but once you find out what it does have – there really is no other choice.

    The Games

    All gaming systems emphasize mature level and adult level games. These are aimed at the people who tend to make the purchasing decisions. Some of the other systems advertise that they have age appropriate games but many of them are really nothing more than adult concept games with simpler (and less violent graphics). PS4 has a deal with Sony and Disney Development; that means it will carry games that were designed by people who make entertainment and educational products for kids as a business. You don’t need special sensor maps and rocking boards to keep a kid involved with a game, you need solid game play that they will understand (and that you won’t have to worry about what else they are learning).


    There is not a lot to the PS4. Once you take it out of the box you run the setup, connect it to a screen and calibrate the wireless controller and you are set. When it comes to children, all they have to master is the controller. Since Sony streamlined PS4, the same controller is used for all of the games that can be used on the system. This means less frustration for kids and more engagement. You can move them through to more advanced game concepts and learning worlds easily because they will already have a comfort with the controlling system. There are few surprises involved once they learn how to run it, and this can make it more appealing to children of all ages.

    Parental Controls and a Safe Environment

    Almost all of the games that are offered on the PS4 can be set to single player, multi-player or multi-player over the Internet. This means you can make sure that your kids aren’t getting online without supervision, but can still play the games by themselves or with their friends. There are easy blocks you can put in place to make sure that they cannot trigger any purchases through the console as well. Making sure that they cannot access the Internet environment built for the Playstation can also help to make sure they aren’t exposed to anyone who doesn’t know how to act appropriately around children, or who isn’t expecting a child to be watching and listening.

    Managing Game Time

    The best way to manage how much your child uses the PS4 is to make sure you keep it in a shared family area and to set up times when it can be used. It is also a good idea to establish conditions for keeping those times too.

    Minecraft is a sandbox game, which was created in 2009 by a very talented game developer Markus Persson. It was later developed and published by Mojang and soon became a favorite among the gamers. This game has both multiplayer and single player modes and can be played both online and offline. Users can pay in three versions of this game; creative, survival and hardcore, all of which are tremendously exciting. Minecraft allows the players to make their own world with the help of 3D blocks while protecting themselves from monsters and securing weapons and food to progress in the game. One can enjoy both Creative and Survival modes of the game. All this can be enjoyed by purchasing a premium account of the game for $26.95. But if someone does not want to spend money on buying a premium account, there are ways to play Minecraft free.

    Completing Tasks for Points

    If you are wondering that it might be troublesome or you will be able to access only the compromised accounts, then not to worry. The process is simple and straight because you will get to access hundred percent genuine accounts. Do not think much and just try to look for the websites that provide free accounts in exchange for completing certain tasks. Of course there is a price to such accounts, but not in the form of money. A little effort form your side will allow you to play for free by redeeming a gift using the points you gained by doing tasks. There are a lot of people who are unaware of these websites or just cannot trust them. However, the people running these sites do not resort to any unfair means to get the accounts and one can enjoy the game without any problem.

    minecraft hunger games animation

    Now let us understand as to how these premium accounts are given free to the subscribers of these sites. Anybody who wishes to play Minecraft free should first register with the website and thereafter complete the surveys provided. These surveys can be a little tedious, but are simple and each survey fetches reward points. On completing the required number of surveys you can redeem these points to get the premium Minecraft account. This is how one can play Minecraft account for free without having to spend even a single penny. If you wish you can continue with the process and earn for yourself free vouchers to shop at e bay, Amazon and Argos and many more premium online shopping websites.

    Premium Account Features

    There are many joys to having a genuine premium account. This game has undergone a lot of change based on the inputs of the gamers and the game experts and anybody who owns genuine account will be able to access all these versions for free. The Demo versions of the game available on the net just give a feel of the game. However, the full version is a really great way to fully enjoy the game. Certain websites offer the users to try Minecraft for free, but for limited period and only selected versions. Users are encouraged to buy premium accounts from the official website for about $27. Therefore, it is better to go for the sites, which provide Minecraft account in return for small tasks that are easy, but problem free.

    xbox fitness tracy anderson

    Stepping up to directly challenge the Wii U hold on fitness systems, the Xbox One offers their Fitness System that delivers one of the best home workout plans possible. This isn’t a self-guided fitness “game,” these are real programs designed by some of the best trainers in the business using the technology available with the Xbox One gaming system to get you into the best shape in your life.

    Pro Trainers

    There are four featured pro trainers who have developed workouts for the Xbox One Fitness system. These include everyone from Shaun T to Tony Horton, as well as Jillian Michaels and Tracey Anderson. These are the trainers you read about celebrities and athletes using to get them in shape fast. Their workouts are fast paces, full of motivational techniques and deliver results. When you add in the option for unlimited integrated workouts, everything gets even better.

    Unlimited Workouts

    If you choose to bundle in the Xbox gold membership plan with the Fitness system, you will have unlimited access to special integrated workouts. These workouts go a step beyond what is included with the standard package and have been custom designed by the pro trainers to target specific goals and fitness levels. This can be the best way to get the results you need by creating an integrated workout that gives you feedback on your progress. The unlimited integrated workouts are best done with the addition of the Kinect system to the Xbox One.

    Using the Kinect for Best Results

    The Xbox One Fitness system can be used alone, but it is really designed to be used with the Kinect system. With the Kinect system you have the opportunity to get real time feedback about your progress. You will be able to measure your heart rate, calories burned and their unique muscle mapping system. The muscle mapping system, combined with the energy meter will show you what muscles are being targeted with the exercise and then gives you an option for how to measure your level of exertion. This can help keep you on track as it can be too easy to do an exercise for a set number of minutes but to gradually fall off in effort so you aren’t getting the correct effect from the workout.

    Getting Your Program Together

    You can see the best results and make sure that you stay motivated if you use the whole Xbox One universe to get you going with your fitness plan. This means using more than just the package and the Kinect system, use the social networking ability of your console to keep yourself motivated. There are special areas where you can log in and post your goals and progress, find tips, get motivated and more from other people who are engaged with the same efforts as you. Better yet, you can use the social networking capabilities to make fitness teams to keep yourself going with your program. This ability to create and connect to a support network is what will make this a success for you.

    clash of clans

    Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game that features building, warfare and resource management. Players start with a small clan and then must build up the clans resources, negotiate treaties and conquer other clans to gain property and stores. It was released in 2007 on iOS and game to Android in 2008. One of the most unique aspects of Clash of Clans is that while can purchase much of your inventory in the app stores for cash, you don’t have to. It is perfectly possible to play this game without spending any money at all, which makes it one of the few games that are truly free!

    Is it Out on Android yet?

    Yes, it is available on Android and has been available since 2008. One thing that you want to make sure of is that your Android device matches the current release of Clash of Clans. Some of the older devices can’t run the newer ice cream releases of the Android OS and the latest releases of it may require 4.1 or higher. Pay attention to both release dates and you won’t have a problem running it at all.

    What Can You do in the Game?

    In Clash of Clans you are in charge of a clan that takes shape as a small village. Your goal, as the clan leader, is to ensure that your clan can grow, survive and be successful. Not only does this involve the management of food and resources, but you also have to manage how you co-exist with neighboring clans and how you protect your clan lands from invasion. You also have to create systems of trade, or choose to strictly take the route of pillaging to provide for the increasing population you are over seeing.

    How “Free” is It?

    Surprisingly, Clash of Clans really is free. While there are premium features that are available for in game purchases and through the Apple iTunes and Google Play app store, you can also amass enough resources through free play to access all of those features without spending any real cash. The advantage to buying features is that it can help you to defend or attack a stronger opponent. The disadvantages is that is skips the actual experience part of learning how to manage the play and interact with others with increasing strength (which also reveals weaknesses).

    How to Master the Clans

    To master the clans you have to build up your power and resiliency, as well as develop the ability to block potential threats. Not all threats in this strategy game are going to come from warfare, they can come from the control of trade routes. Making sure you pay enough attention to infrastructure is going to be essential. Not only will you need it to make sure that your growing towns are well supplied, but controlling roadways is also essential if you are going to mount successful campaigns. The more roads you control, the more desirable you will be as an ally as well.