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    jazz trombone

    Jazz is a kind of music, and also a way of playing music. The first jazz music came from the United States, and was created by blacks who lived in the southern states. Throughout the world, jazz is known as American music. Jazz is seldom considered “serious” music, though some fine composers have used features of jazz in their compositions. For more information, visit

    There are different kinds of music called jazz, but all are alike in one way. Jazz music is different in rhythm and “beat” from other music. Rhythm is a pattern that sounds make when they are loud and soft or long and short, at the same times over and over again. The beat is the time when the loud or long sound comes so regularly that the listener soon learns to expect it and wait for it. Jazz uses syncopation, which means making a loud sound even longer than it is supposed to be so that the beat will be felt more strongly.

    The first jazz was called ragtime. When a shoeshine boy in the South polishes your shoes with a rag, he snaps the rag in a rhythm like the beating of a drum. Syncopated music played in New Orleans and Memphis, more than fifty years ago, was called ragtime because it had the strong rhythm of the shoeshine boy’s rag.

    Then it was noticed that this kind of music makes people shake or move their bodies, to the rhythm of the music. In the private language spoken by the Negroes of New Orleans and some other southern cities, a language called jive; this moving of the body would be described by the word jazz, so the music came to be called jazz music.

    In the 1890’s, there were ragtime bands. These were small groups of the kind that later came to be called jazz bands or dance bands. In the early 1900s, their music came to be called jazz and a pioneer of the times, W. C. Handy, added another kind of music, called the blues. People who had been waltzing to the music of small orchestras in which the melody was played by violins soon found greater pleasure in dancing new steps—the one-step, the foxtrot—to music in which a saxophone or trumpet or clarinet played the melody, imitating wailing sounds or cries of joy that the human voice makes.

    The capital city of jazz music moved from New Orleans, where it began , to Memphis, where W. C. Handy introduced the blues, to Chicago, where some of the all-time greats of jazz music played during and after the Word War I period (1915 to 1925). Among these great jazz musicians were King Oliver, Bix Beiderbecke, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, and Jack Teagarden, but there were many others.

    During the 1920s, jazz began to be noticed by audiences who liked serious music. Paul Whiteman built the small dance band into a large orchestra that could play in New York City’s Carnegie Hall, where only symphony orchestras and classical musicians had played before. Duke Ellington made the small all-virtuoso band (in which every musician is good enough to give a solo performance) popular with large audiences.

    In the 1930s, swing music was most popular. This manner of playing jazz music permitted any member of the band to break into a solo performance in which he might improvise (play whatever notes he wished, departing if he pleased from the written music). Benny Goodman, the best jazz clarinet player of his time, was the most popular swing musician. Woody Herman was another. During the same period, certain bands preferred to play “sweet” music, in which everyone played so as to emphasize the melody. Among the bands that played sweet music, Guy Lombardo’s was the most famous. The 1940s brought the widespread popularity of swing music to an end, but there was a short period in which bop (or bebop) was popular. This was an even more extreme manner of playing swing music, and a bandleader named Dizzy Gillespie was the outstanding leader.

    There are many thousands who collect phonograph records of the best performances of great jazz bands of the past and present times. Artie Shaw, Bob Crosby, Raymond Scott, Stan Kenton, Tommy Dorsey and many others have led bands that made records of value to collectors. Glenn Miller led one of the most successful dance bands of all time. Ray Anthony, Harry James, Ralph Flanagan and others have assembled bands that are much admired.

    An alphabet is a system of using certain marks, which we call “letters,” to stand for particular sounds. There are many different alphabets in the world to-day, and it has taken thousands of years to develop them. The English alphabet of twenty-six letters is also called the “Roman alphabet,” because we got it from the ancient Romans, who had gotten it &am the Greeks. We call it alphabet be-cause the first two letters of the Greek Alphabet were called alpha and beta-in other words, calling it the alphabet then was exactly the same as calling it the ABC’s today.

    egyptian alphabet

    The Egyptian alphabet was written in pictures instead of letters. This is a stele, a slab of stone used as a tombstone. It was made for the grave of a king. The eves at the top are supposed to keep away evil spirits. The picture letters are called hieroglyphics, and the two lines going up and down tell what the king did while he was alive. The man at the left is the king, eating; the figure at the right is his son. Below is a prayer that asks the Egyptian god Osiris to keep the king comfortable. The tombstone tells that this king died about 3,500 years ago. Much of the English alphabet grew out of the Egyptian alphabet.

    The simplest way of putting an idea down on paper is to draw a picture, and that is how men first began to write, six thousand years ago or more. Our alphabet has come to us gradually from picture-writing of this sort. The picture-writing from which our alphabet is descended was done in ancient Egypt; it was called hieroglyphic writing. Picture-writing was able to express ideas as well as objects. For example, a little picture of a man could represent the word “man,” but a picture of a man lying on the ground with a spear in him would represent the idea “death.” The Chinese and even the American Indians developed methods of writing in pictures. But there was not much that could be said this way, and it would have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures to express everything—many more than a person could hope to learn in a lifetime. Out of the early picture-writing came the use of pictures to stand for syllables.

    Suppose a picture of a pole or stake in the ground were used to represent the word “pole,” and a picture of a lamp burning to represent the word “light.” Putting the two together, you would have pole-light, which could mean polite—an idea that could never be expressed by a picture. Using pictures in this way to represent sounds instead of things, men were able to increase the usefulness of their writing by many times. The Chinese still use this kind of writing in syllables. The trouble is that there are so many different syllables; it takes a scholar years to learn them all. In the Chinese language there are more than fifty thousand and most of these are being used even today. A Chinese student does not master the writing of his language until he is beyond the age at which an American student may have graduated from college—say, twenty-five years old.

    In comparison with his thousands of characters, the American schoolboy has to learn only twenty-six letters. Therefore the next step in the development of the alphabet was to have a symbol, or letter, for each sound that was used in the language being spoken. There are many more sounds that a human being can use than we have in our alphabet, and the alphabets used for other languages have in them certain letters that we do not need in writing the English language. But also we have some letters that they do not need. No alphabet needs more than thirty or forty letters. A child can master these in a year or two.

    Writing with letters instead of with pictures is more than five thousand years old. Just as we got our alphabet from the Greeks, they got theirs from the Semitic peoples—the Phoenicians and the Jews and other ancient peoples who spoke Semitic languages. But, like most Oriental peoples, they wrote from right to left. When the Greeks took their alphabet, they changed the direction of writing and wrote from left to right as we do today. In doing this, they turgid the letters around. The exact form of our capital letters was developed chiefly by the ancient

    Our small letters, and our hand-writing, were developed because with them it is possible to write faster. The English alphabet, like other alpha-bets that are used throughout the world, is very far from perfect. There are many people who are anxious to change it so that it will be easier to tell how a word should be pronounced. Nevertheless, the modern alphabet is one of the greatest works of the human mind and has been at least as responsible as anything else man has done for the growth of civilization.

    kids playing playstation 4

    Sony’s PlayStation 4 has a lot to offer that will appeal to serious gamers, but is it going to be as much of a winner with kids? Sure, there are kids’ games for the PS4 but is that shouldn’t be the only reason to get one. There are a lot of reasons that you may want to consider buying this home entertainment system for your children. It may not have the bells and whistle controllers that other systems have to offer, but once you find out what it does have – there really is no other choice.

    The Games

    All gaming systems emphasize mature level and adult level games. These are aimed at the people who tend to make the purchasing decisions. Some of the other systems advertise that they have age appropriate games but many of them are really nothing more than adult concept games with simpler (and less violent graphics). PS4 has a deal with Sony and Disney Development; that means it will carry games that were designed by people who make entertainment and educational products for kids as a business. You don’t need special sensor maps and rocking boards to keep a kid involved with a game, you need solid game play that they will understand (and that you won’t have to worry about what else they are learning).


    There is not a lot to the PS4. Once you take it out of the box you run the setup, connect it to a screen and calibrate the wireless controller and you are set. When it comes to children, all they have to master is the controller. Since Sony streamlined PS4, the same controller is used for all of the games that can be used on the system. This means less frustration for kids and more engagement. You can move them through to more advanced game concepts and learning worlds easily because they will already have a comfort with the controlling system. There are few surprises involved once they learn how to run it, and this can make it more appealing to children of all ages.

    Parental Controls and a Safe Environment

    Almost all of the games that are offered on the PS4 can be set to single player, multi-player or multi-player over the Internet. This means you can make sure that your kids aren’t getting online without supervision, but can still play the games by themselves or with their friends. There are easy blocks you can put in place to make sure that they cannot trigger any purchases through the console as well. Making sure that they cannot access the Internet environment built for the Playstation can also help to make sure they aren’t exposed to anyone who doesn’t know how to act appropriately around children, or who isn’t expecting a child to be watching and listening.

    Managing Game Time

    The best way to manage how much your child uses the PS4 is to make sure you keep it in a shared family area and to set up times when it can be used. It is also a good idea to establish conditions for keeping those times too.

    Minecraft is a sandbox game, which was created in 2009 by a very talented game developer Markus Persson. It was later developed and published by Mojang and soon became a favorite among the gamers. This game has both multiplayer and single player modes and can be played both online and offline. Users can pay in three versions of this game; creative, survival and hardcore, all of which are tremendously exciting. Minecraft allows the players to make their own world with the help of 3D blocks while protecting themselves from monsters and securing weapons and food to progress in the game. One can enjoy both Creative and Survival modes of the game. All this can be enjoyed by purchasing a premium account of the game for $26.95. But if someone does not want to spend money on buying a premium account, there are ways to play Minecraft free.

    Completing Tasks for Points

    If you are wondering that it might be troublesome or you will be able to access only the compromised accounts, then not to worry. The process is simple and straight because you will get to access hundred percent genuine accounts. Do not think much and just try to look for the websites that provide free accounts in exchange for completing certain tasks. Of course there is a price to such accounts, but not in the form of money. A little effort form your side will allow you to play for free by redeeming a gift using the points you gained by doing tasks. There are a lot of people who are unaware of these websites or just cannot trust them. However, the people running these sites do not resort to any unfair means to get the accounts and one can enjoy the game without any problem.

    minecraft hunger games animation

    Now let us understand as to how these premium accounts are given free to the subscribers of these sites. Anybody who wishes to play Minecraft free should first register with the website and thereafter complete the surveys provided. These surveys can be a little tedious, but are simple and each survey fetches reward points. On completing the required number of surveys you can redeem these points to get the premium Minecraft account. This is how one can play Minecraft account for free without having to spend even a single penny. If you wish you can continue with the process and earn for yourself free vouchers to shop at e bay, Amazon and Argos and many more premium online shopping websites.

    Premium Account Features

    There are many joys to having a genuine premium account. This game has undergone a lot of change based on the inputs of the gamers and the game experts and anybody who owns genuine account will be able to access all these versions for free. The Demo versions of the game available on the net just give a feel of the game. However, the full version is a really great way to fully enjoy the game. Certain websites offer the users to try Minecraft for free, but for limited period and only selected versions. Users are encouraged to buy premium accounts from the official website for about $27. Therefore, it is better to go for the sites, which provide Minecraft account in return for small tasks that are easy, but problem free.