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Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game that features building, warfare and resource management. Players start with a small clan and then must build up the clans resources, negotiate treaties and conquer other clans to gain property and stores. It was released in 2007 on iOS and game to Android in 2008. One of the most unique aspects of Clash of Clans is that while can purchase much of your inventory in the app stores for cash, you don’t have to. It is perfectly possible to play this game without spending any money at all, which makes it one of the few games that are truly free!

Is it Out on Android yet?

Yes, it is available on Android and has been available since 2008. One thing that you want to make sure of is that your Android device matches the current release of Clash of Clans. Some of the older devices can’t run the newer ice cream releases of the Android OS and the latest releases of it may require 4.1 or higher. Pay attention to both release dates and you won’t have a problem running it at all.

What Can You do in the Game?

In Clash of Clans you are in charge of a clan that takes shape as a small village. Your goal, as the clan leader, is to ensure that your clan can grow, survive and be successful. Not only does this involve the management of food and resources, but you also have to manage how you co-exist with neighboring clans and how you protect your clan lands from invasion. You also have to create systems of trade, or choose to strictly take the route of pillaging to provide for the increasing population you are over seeing.

How “Free” is It?

Surprisingly, Clash of Clans really is free. While there are premium features that are available for in game purchases and through the Apple iTunes and Google Play app store, you can also amass enough resources through free play to access all of those features without spending any real cash. The advantage to buying features is that it can help you to defend or attack a stronger opponent. The disadvantages is that is skips the actual experience part of learning how to manage the play and interact with others with increasing strength (which also reveals weaknesses).

How to Master the Clans

To master the clans you have to build up your power and resiliency, as well as develop the ability to block potential threats. Not all threats in this strategy game are going to come from warfare, they can come from the control of trade routes. Making sure you pay enough attention to infrastructure is going to be essential. Not only will you need it to make sure that your growing towns are well supplied, but controlling roadways is also essential if you are going to mount successful campaigns. The more roads you control, the more desirable you will be as an ally as well.